I’m currently a junior in college, studying accounting. My plan is to learn the language of business and use that knowledge to run a successful business. Eventually, I want to make a full-time income investing in other people’s businesses.


Defined as financial independence and retiring early, this is my ultimate career goal, as it should be for most people, in my opinion. Allow me to explain…

Right now you either:

  1. Have a job
  2. Are in school, or
  3. Do nothing

If you’re part of the crowd that’s working, let me ask you something:

What would you do if someone came to you today and offered to pay you the same amount you make now at your job, and said you’ll never have to work again?

Would you take that money and travel the world? Maybe you’d spend more time with your family? How about learning a new hobby? Would you spent the time volunteering? Perhaps you’d start a blog about something you’re passionate about? 😉

What if I told you that one day you can do whatever you want, whenever you want to, and still be able to pay your bills on time?

That’s the whole idea of F.I.R.E. It’s not a “retirement” in the sense that you sit around all day and watch the days pass while you grow old. It just means that you’re free from the pressure of having to go to work to pay your bills. It means that every day when you wake up, you get to decide what you want to do. Not your boss, the credit card company, or the government. Nobody, but YOU. And the best part is that if you start early, it’s actually not that difficult to achieve.

My goal, through this blog, is to help guide you (and myself) to financial independence and early retirement.

Let’s get started.