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Focus on the Big Picture (Financial Independence)

Frugality isn’t always easy. Neither is life.

There will be times where you feel like letting everything go, and you might. Then you’ll have to go back and retrace your steps, so you’ll remember why you started this in the first place. You must focus on the big picture, instead of just what you may be going through at a certain point in time.

Is it worth giving up now and losing all the progress you’ve made? Only you can make that decision.

Focus on the big picture.

Remember why you’re doing this. If you’re fully invested in achieving financial independence, always remember the reason you’re cutting your spending and finding ways to earn more money.

For me, I just want to wake up every day and decide what I want to do that day. I don’t want to be bound to a particular situation without a choice on the matter. It’s my life anyway… Isn’t it?

To do that, I need to at least be able to pay my bills month-to-month and feed myself. After that, whatever else I earn is extra. My goal is to pay my bills through passive income, and work at my day job because I want to. Not because I have to. This will provide me the freedom to pursue whatever interests I may have at whatever time, without penalty.

So, what’s your goal? Why are you pursuing financial independence in the first place? I know quite a few people that say they want to be financially independent but haven’t put any steps in place to get there. You’re never too young to begin thinking about this! The earlier you start, the quicker you get in the habit of spending less and earning more.

Stay focused.

To learn about some ways to get started with financial independence, read my guide on how to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, and my post about how to make a budget. Those are the first steps you must take in order to take-on this lifestyle. After that, it’s all about limiting spending and maximizing earnings.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message. 🙂

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