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How I Save Money by Giving Stuff Away

De-cluttering has saved me lots of money. It’s taught me to live more intentionally and to be mindful of my purchases.

I declutter by only having things I use often or will absolutely need one day. I give away or sell the things I don’t.

As an example, for quite some time I kept an air mattress in a storage container in my room, just in case someone came over and needed a place to sleep. A few days ago, I gave that air mattress away to a friend who was moving to his first apartment and needed it. Because in all honesty, if someone comes over to my house to sleep, they can do so on the couch or the floor. By me getting rid of that air mattress, I now have space to put some belongings that I’ll actually use.

By actively getting rid of things I don’t use, not only do I save money, but I also acquire peace of mind by not having an abundance of things to worry about and maintain.

Some call this method of declutter “minimalism”, and there are some extreme examples of that. My version is not so extreme. I still have things I don’t use every day, such as my winter gear and an assortment of tools, but I keep those things around because I know one day I’ll need them.

You can implement this yourself by trying the Minimalism Game, or something similar. I’m sure you can find things sitting around that you don’t use. You just have to repurpose those things or give/sell them to someone who needs them more than you.

To conclude, I save money by getting rid of the things I don’t use, and you can too. Doing so can make your life easier, more intentional, and more free.

 “There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.” – Jackie French Koller.

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