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How Can You Reach F.I.R.E.?

Here are a few ways to get started.


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Financial Coaching Daryl on Fire

Financial Coaching

If you need a plan and accountability partner to help you live an amazing life, start here.



We will track your monthly expenses and analyze the data to determine where your problem categories are. From there, we will establish a plan to reduce those expenses to leave you with extra cash every month.


Sticking to a budget is essential to financial success early-on. I will teach you about zero-based budgets and use easy software to create a realistic one for you. Then we will review it monthly and adjust accordingly.


Having good credit puts you in the fast lane towards financial freedom by giving you access to capital at low rates. We will take a look at factors impacting your credit score and discuss ways to improve it over time.


I will keep you accountable for reaching the financial goals we establish together. I will be your financial personal trainer, standing by you as you accomplish each goal, guiding you through any obstacles that arise.



Frank Headshot Testimonial

“Daryl helped me create a budget from scratch and organize my financial situation. He was very professional and easy to work with, plus he had a lot of helpful knowledge and tips to share with me along the way. I ended up hitting all the goals we set, and was able to save a lot of money throughout the process. I would definitely recommend his program to anyone who could use a second look at their finances.”

Frank Prendergast

Amira Headshot Testimonial

“Daryl is an extraordinary financial coach. He helped me pay off all my credit cards and form better spending habits so I could save for a new car and apartment. He worked with me to break down all my expenses, and gave me advice on how I could lower them. Through the program, he guided me towards the goals I set, and made sure I didn’t fall off-track. I am so thankful for his hard work!.”

Amira Fata

Chris Packett financial coaching client

“Speaking with Daryl made me realize how much there is to know about personal finances. He is thoughtful, organized, and a man of his word. I’d recommend him as a personal financial coach and tax preparer to anyone.”

Chris Packett

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